Welcome to Solid Shipping Lines Corporation

Solid Shipping operates 9 vessels with a total capacity of 57,529 DWT and promptly serves the following ports on a " Direct Cargo Liner Service " :

●   Manila - Davao - Manila
●   Manila - Gen. Santos - Manila
●   Manila - Cagayan de Oro - Manila

Solid Shipping Lines Corporation conducts light leak test to ensure that all containers are free from damages and issuance of serviceable (A-1 condition) containers is achieved because Solid Shipping Lines Corporation believes that customer satisfaction is the ultimate reward for a service well done.

Solid Shipping Lines Corporation is continuosly re-fleeting by retirement of its older vessels and aquisition of newer and bigger capacity vessels concurrently, commissioned a reputable Japanese shipbuilder to construct three (3) brand new vessels, The 1st brand new vessel is delivered last February 12, 2013, the 2nd brand new vessel is delivered last August 8, 2013 and the 3rd brand new vessel to be delivered in 2015.

Rated as top compliant to Philippine Coastguard Emergency Readiness Evaluation (ERE) and earned the company a general average of 92.23% per vessel for cargo vessel category in North Harbor, Tondo, Manila.

What's New?

M/V Solid Marine

One of the company's new vessel in its fleet, M/V Solid Marine is a brand new vessel built in Japan...

M/V Solid Gem

Also brand new and a virtual twin of M/V Solid Marine in terms of capacity and specifications...