In November 1977, Solid Shipping Lines Corporation was acquired by its present owners. The acquisition included two (2) cargo vessels with a capacity of 1,800 DWT each. After completing its take over, the Maritime Administration approved the deployment of the 2 vessels on the Manila-Davao-Manila cargo liner run.

To increase the frequency of the Manila - Davao - Manila run both vessels were replaced and a third vessel was acquired in 1982,. The newly acquired vessels were christened: M/V " Solid Uno "; M/V " Solid Dos "; and M/V " Solid Tres ". In the same year, two (2) additional vessels were acquired and were christened: M/V " Maligaya " (RORO vessel); and M/V " Pole Star ". At this point, Solid Shipping fleet has a total of 13,252.57 DWT.

In mid-1989 M/V " Mabuhay " with a 4,085 DWT was acquired from Europe and replaced M/V " Solid Uno " in Manila - Davao - Manila liner run.

By 1991, the vessel MV "Sparkles" (7th vessel) with a capacity of 3,841 (DWT) Dead Weight Tons was aquired from Japan that was later renamed MV "Solid Moon". By the end of the same year, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) approved and granted with authority MV Solid Moon to sail twice weekly the Manila - General Santos - Manila route.

In October 1996, Solid Shipping obtained the approval of MARINA to ply the Manila - Cagayan de Oro - Manila liner route.

Today, Solid Shipping operates 9 vessels with a total capacity of 55,046 DWT and promptly serves the following ports on a " Direct Cargo Liner Service " :

Ply Schedule
Manila Davao Manila 3 Times a Week
Manila General Santos Manila 2 Times a Week
Manila Cagayan De Oro Manila 2 Times a Week