On November 1977, Solid Shipping Lines Corporation was acquired by its present owners. The acquisition included two (2) cargo vessels with a capacity of 1,800 DWT each. After completing the take over, the Maritime Administration approved the 2 vessels on the Manila-Davao-Manila route.

In 1982, Solid Shipping Lines replaced the original ships and added a 3rd to increase the frequency and efficiency to the operations. The newly acquired vessels were christened: M/V "Solid Uno"; M/V "Solid Dos"; and M/V "Solid Tres”. Later in the same year, two (2) additional vessels were acquired and were christened: M/V "Maligaya" and M/V "Pole Star".

In 1989, M/V "Mabuhay" was acquired from Europe and replaced M/V "Solid Uno”.

In 1991, M/V “Sparkles” was acquired from Japan and renamed M/V “Solid Moon”. By the end of the same year, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) approved and granted with authority M/V “Solid Moon” to sail twice weekly the Manila - General Santos - Manila route.

On October 1996, Solid Shipping obtained the approval of MARINA to ply the Manila - Cagayan de Oro - Manila liner route.

Today, Solid Shipping operates 9 vessels with a total capacity of 55,046 DWT and promptly serves the following ports on a "Direct Cargo Liner Service" :

Ply Schedule
Manila Davao Manila 3 Times a Week
Manila General Santos Manila 2 Times a Week
Manila Cagayan De Oro Manila 2 Times a Week