Welcome to Solid Shipping Lines Corp.

Solid Shipping operates 9 vessels with a total capacity of 55,046 DWT and promptly serves the following ports on a " Direct Cargo Liner Service " :

●   Manila - Davao - Manila
●   Manila - Gen. Santos - Manila
●   Manila - Cagayan de Oro - Manila

Solid Shipping conducts light leak test to ensure that all containers are free from damages and issuance of serviceable (A-1 condition) containers is achieved because Solid Shipping Lines Corporation believes that customer satisfaction is the ultimate reward for a service well done.

Solid Shipping Lines Corporation is currently modernizing her fleet to increase her capacity by replacing old vessels with new ones that have bigger cargo capacity. In line with this, SSLC has commissioned a top Japanese shipbuilder for the construction of two brand new vessels. Delivery is expected in 2013.

Evaluated by the Philippine Coast Guard Station Manila as the topmost Emergency Readiness Evaluation (ERE) for the year 2004 for a single vessel and per company (general average grade of 92.23% amassed by the 9 SSLC vessels) for cargo vessels category in all North Harbor area.

What's New?

M/V Solid Marine

The Company's 10th vessel in its fleet, M/V Solid Marine was aquired brand new (first in the Philippines domestic cargo industry)...

M/V Solid Gem

Also brand new and a virtual twin of M/V Solid Marine in terms of capacity and specifications...